Yesterday I was introduced to a web site for business networking. It is called “LinkedIn.Com“, it is essentially a personal network like “Friendster.Com” and alike. The difference is LinkedIn requires referrals from individuals in the immediate network level, before one can contact someone else on subsequent network levels. Therefore, it is very similar to real life business networking, providing the necessary privacy one requires.

Mobile Weblog

Today I successfully installed my Blog writer (“BlogPlanet“) on my mobile phone.

This entry is the first entry from my phone while on the go. Hopefully this means that my Weblog will be much more up-to-date in the coming days.

Video Conference

Has video conferencing or Video Chat arrive at the desktop of the average home computer user?

I cannot say that I am a typical home computer user, since I enjoy technology and do my best to stay up to date with them.

Below is a picture of me (in my apartment in Hong Kong) talking to my friend (Mark) at his office in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, using Apple’s iChatAV and our Firewire iSight webcams.

iChat Screen Shot

This scene is becoming common among Mac users since Apple’s introduction of iSight and iChatAV. Now Apple’s latest version of iChatAv also allows Mac users (with .Mac accounts) to video chat with AOL users too.