Career Goals

I am looking to further my leadership role with my next career move, as I have in my previous capacities at Apple Inc., Naxos, Cathay Pacific, Arthur Andersen, Cable & Wireless HKT and PAGE Systems

For the past 26 years, I have served as key contact for different levels of management in multiple industries across the Asia Pacific region and North America, which has given me great insights on how to meet the needs and desires of these individuals.

As a technology versatilist, with exposure to a variety of industries, I have been in a position to apply technologies in a context where the technology was not originally intended, for innovative solutions.

By applying these technological solutions toward business requirements, I had assisted many stakeholders in streamlining their operations, economized and eventually resulted in greater profit for the respective cost centres.

I am eager to offer my technical vision and extensive supervisory, leadership, mentoring and management experiences to a dynamic and leading organization.

Having worked in both North America and across Asia, I am familiar with the intricate idiosyncrasies of how different cultures do business. My work experience has given me abundant opportunities to identify accurately the suitable technological solutions to business problems, and have honed my skills to avoid the pitfalls of adapting technologies for technology´s sake.

I enjoy the opportunity to assist in shaping an organization´s technical directions. I am keen to take on a position where I may assist and eventually grow my responsibilities to lead the technical decisions and directions of an Enterprise.


  • Management consulting at the highest levels (CEO, CTO, CFO, Founders, etc.) of organizations;
  • Over 10 years of managerial experience with dynamic teams of developers including: HTML Developers, Graphic Designers, Information Architect and Java application Developers;
  • Ability to straddle both the technical and business world;
  • Able to describe technology solutions in terminology and language that the typical business users may understand and relate;
  • Able to challenge the technical people on solutions and technology utilizations;
  • Clear understanding of User Centric design;
  • Experienced with web-enabling legacy applications;
  • Development of web based applications;
  • Strong understanding of the Macintosh Graphical User Interface (“look and feel”);
  • 10 years of C and C++ software development experience on the Macintosh platform;
  • 11 years of Graphical Interface design and user requirements gathering and definition experience;
  • Over 5 years in advisory consulting for heads of companies.


  • Disciplined, self-motivated, dedicated, passionate, reliable, confident and committed to excellence, with great organizational abilities;
  • Enhanced supervisory, communication and presentation skills acquired through involvement in team projects as Team Leader and Mentor;
  • An enthusiastic and imaginative entrepreneur;
  • Hong Kong born Canadian fluent in Cantonese and English, learning Mandarin and French.


Computer Proficiency

Operating Systems: Macintosh OS, Windows and NeXT OS
Programming Languages: Ruby On Rails, Java, Javascript, C, C++, Objective C, Pascal, COBOL, SQL, Basic, FORTRAN and Assembler
Development Tools: Netscape Application Server, Vignette, Blue Martini Software’s Customer Interaction System, MacApp, XVT, Paige, MPW, ObjectMaster, CodeWarrior, Think C, Jasik’s Debugger, Prograph, KPMG EXIS’ IcePick and Ad Lib.
Software Packages: OpenMarket (FutureTense), FileMaker Pro, Macromedia Director, Virtus’ Walkthrough, FrameMaker, FreeHand, SuperPaint, PageMaker, Microsoft Project, Presenter Professional, UpFront.
Computer Hardware: Macintosh, NeXT, APPLE II+, Apple Macintosh, Windows based PC’s and Northern Telecom Meridian Minicomputer.


(Illustration of C++ experiences and knowledge)
My knowledge of C++ is accumulated from development work utilizing an object library from Apple Computer Inc. called MacApp; on the Apple Macintosh platform. This knowledge was refined with a strong foundation in the C programming language. The foundation was built from the development of the Records Management System and Mapping application for the Hamilton Wentworth Regional Police.

As to working knowledge of C++. Most recently, I was member of a team which implemented a string message catalog class utilizing the Standard Template Class library for PAGE Systems Inc. in the Internationalization project. I acquired a great deal of knowledge of C++ while contracting with Sciex, developing a new generation of their instrument control application. This development was designed specifically with Object-Oriented Software Engineering in mind, on the Macintosh platform utilizing the MacApp application framework. In the past I gained experience with C++ from the design and implementation of a Strategic Information Management System for the Ottawa Police Force while employed by Comnetix Computer Systems Inc., and the development of a Contouring and Terrain Modeling commercial application while employed by COMPUneering Inc..

The work described above provided me with many opportunities to explore the various aspect of the C++ programming language.

Some areas are as follows:
* definitions of abstract classes, their fields and methods;
* definitions of subclasses, their inherited and overridden methods;
* definitions of virtual functions;
* constructors and destructors;
* Failure Handling;
* overloading methods.
The total experience of the C++ language is approximately eight and a half years.

As of January 1, 2015