I realized many of you may have arrived at this site looking to find out more about me.

Since this is my personal web site, I will try to give you a quick start with a brief background of who I am, and some guidance on where in this site to begin exploring.

I am a Hong Kong born Canadian now living in Hong Kong after being away for 20+ years.

I had been working in the Technology industry for the past 26+ years, details of which you can read in my resume. During most of my professional time in North America I own and operated Vinko Enterprises Inc.

In the Winter time I enjoy Alpine Skiing and in the Summer I enjoy windsurfing and in-line skating, but unfortunately I had not done much recently except for the latter.

 Vinko in a suit
Vinko in a suit

One other thing I enjoy a lot are War Games, where I am a member of a team called “JSOC”.

Traveling and photography are also things I enjoy, you can see examples of these passions from my collections of photos in my Flickr account.

I refer to myself as a “futurist” and “true technology versatilist”, but I will not elaborate this point here, you can discover that yourself when you start to know me better.

I have a younger brother who owns and operate a corporate law business, Business Lawgix in Canada. So after you finish exploring who I am you can go seek out his site for business law advice; sorry no discount.

I also runs Vinko Advisory, which advises businesses in strategic adoptions of technologies to develop innovative solutions to business objectives for developing a competitive advantage among its competitors.