Hong Kong Government’s Big Idea

The Hong Kong government is again making urban planning decision with the excuse of improving the lives of the citizens, when in fact they are probably making their planning decisions base on revenue from development projects.

The latest taboo is route 4, which the government wants to build on the Western and South districts of Hong Kong island. The new highway will distroy yet another rare waterfront in Hong Kong.

According to the group, Design Hong Kong, none of the residences in Kennedy Town want this new highway. Building it will destroy the current waterfront, and most of all change the dynamics of Kennedy Town.

What the citizens want, according to Design Hong Kong, is a MTR (subway) extension to their area. Which the government had already agreed. To make it worst the stations for this new MTR extension are going to be on every sections of the proposed route 4. Making it less vital as a mass transport solution for the average citizen of HK; who doesn’t own a car.

The government’s reasons for the highway are the areas’ desparate need for truck transportation to Kennedy Town and Aberdeen, and to reduce the traffic congestions of the Aberdeen tunnel.

Since the Aberdeen tunnel is much more convienent access route from most areas of the North side of HK island. So even after route 4 is built, it is unlikely truckers will use it to get to Aberdeen area.

I don’t understand this HK government. Every time they make a public decision, it is always the least popular among HK citizens.

Does a person check in his common senses when he joins the government?