iPhone 3G Everywhere in Hong Kong

iPhone 3G imageI spent some time speaking to a Premium Reseller in Hong Kong about the iPhone 3G today.

Since the beginning of February Apple Resellers in Hong Kong are allow to sell the iPhone 3G without a carrier contract, and most importantly, like all legitimate iPhone 3G sold in HK, also officially unlocked by Apple. Most of them are selling the models (8GB an 16GB) of the iPhone 3G at Apple HK’s SRP of HKD5400.00 and HKD6200.00 respectively.

Although because of the profit margins Apple is offering it’s resellers, some resellers have insisted on adding a 3rd party case with each iPhone 3G sold, to enable then to sell the iPhone for an additional HKD100.00.

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iPhone 3G Officially Available Unlocked in Hong Kong… Good News?

Apple HK made the iPhone 3G available to everyone with a HK shipping address via Apple Hong Kong’s online store.

This made Hong Kong the hub (and “source”) of iPhone 3G that are free from the shackle of the money hungry, backward thinking mobile carriers. As of the writing of this post Apple Hong Kong’s online store shows a 24 hours delivery time and free shipping. I am certain when news spread of this availability, the inventory will go quickly.

I was always against the idea of having to commit to Three HK for a 2-year contract just to gain the privilege of purchasing an Apple iPhone 3G. Now I have less of a barrier to bring this great device to the mobile carrier of my choice (“Smartone-Vodafone”).

Ah… my first generation iPhone worth even less now. Them are the breaks, especially with technology devices.

Is this move by Apple a sign of things to come for other (47) iPhone selling countries? Is this Apple’s way of changing their strategy to put as many iPhones in the hands of consumers as possible? This has always been one of the pain points of critics.

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