Seoul Visit, September 2009 – Day 2

I started off spending the morning planning my itinerary for the day. I have decided that I will use Seoul’s extensive Metro (subway) to get around in the city.

Did not end up leaving the hotel until 12:30. So I began by getting a bite to eat at a restaurant that I can figure out the menu, Burger King.

Walked to Yeouido (526) station on Line 5 to begin my journey. Fortunately the ticket vending machine has English instructions. It was quite easy to get a ticket, although I did not realize there is a deposit to the Metro Single Journey card. I figured that out when I reached my second stop Seoul Station.

My first stop of the day was City Hall (132) on Line 1. Since it is the weekend I was going to check out City Square. Unfortunately when I arrived it was pouring rain. Everyone was stuck at the Metro exit waiting for the rain to stop. I decided to wait along with the locals at exit 2, the entrance to Deoksugung (Palace).

Apparently most locals are like me, hates to carry an umbrella. All of a sudden a lady with a cart load of umbrellas came to the Metro exit, selling umbrellas for KRW4000 each.

Since I was not in a hurry I decided to wait it out. Several minutes after the lady sold umbrellas to every locals waiting with me the rain stopped and sun even came out.

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