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  • Apple’s Hidden Agenda

    A patent filing by Apple in February 2009 was made public last week. This patent is related to the “Systems and methods for identifying unauthorized users of an electronic device”. In the patent it details how Apple’s technology is capable of identifying unauthorized users of an electronic device. This unauthorized user of the electronic device […]

  • Why You May Not Want to Jailbreak iPhone or iPad?

    Why You May Not Want to Jailbreak iPhone or iPad?

    After the release of iOS 4 users of the iPhone had been waiting for the iPhone Dev Team to release their jailbreak software. This morning @comex (who is not on the iPhone Dev Team) released a jailbreak for the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad right from within MobileSafari without using a computer (Windows or OS […]

  • Downgrading iPhone 3GS from 3.1 to 3.0

    A few days ago I mentioned in my post, Things to do Before Upgrading iPhone to 3.1.x, if you do not do what described then you will not be able to jailbreak or unlock ever again, or until the hacking community figure out a way. Well there is now a way. If you had stored […]

  • OS 10.5.7 is Safe for iPhone 3G

    Apple released the new OS X update 10.5.7 on Tuesday evening (US PST). When it was released most users with unlocked iPhone 3G were worry that the latest OS X update will further hamper their Mac’s ability to place the iPhone into DFU mode. Now the iPhone Dev Team has tweeted yesterday that OS 10.5.7 […]

  • 10 Things a Layman Should Know About Hong Kong iPhone 3G [Updated]

    Recently a friend of mine commented that my articles (posts) on the iPhone and its usage in Hong Kong are very helpful, but they are a bit technical for layman user like himself. So, for the sake of helping as many potential iPhone users understand what’s involved before committing to a purchase of an iPhone […]

  • iPhone Firmware 2.2.1

    Apple released a new firmware for the iPhone (v2.2.1). Again for anyone who had or plan to jailbreak or unlock your iPhone (2G or 3G) please be patience and DO NOT upgrade to the latest iPhone firmware. This is especially important for all those who are currently using unlocked iPhones (2G). The iPhone Dev Team […]

  • How-to: Enable Emoji On iPhone WITHOUT Jailbreaking

    There is a new way to enable the Emoji icons on your iPhone with firmware 2.2. The trick is to purchase the USD0.99 iPhone App 老地方冰果室 (aka “FrostyPlace”). This is an application that allows you to view the latest posts from an Apple discussion forum in Taipei, Taiwan. Therefore if you read Chinese it may […]

  • 7 Things You Love to Ask About iPhone Unlocking

    Over the past year and a half I had assisted many people with the unlocking of their iPhones. Many more people ask me about unlocking. So instead of answering each of these people over and over again, I thought I post an article in my blog, which I can refer them to for more details. […]

  • QuickPwn for Macintosh Released

    Yesterday the iPhone Dev Team released QuickPwn (the Torrent link) for Macintosh. This is the Macintosh OS X version of the same tool they released for Windows users several weeks ago. The different between this tool and the Pwnage Tool the iPhone Dev Team has also released for the Macintosh is that the QuickPwn will […]

  • Upgrading My iPhone (1st gen) to 2.0.2

    After Apple released the iPhone firmware 2.0.2 over a week ago and the rumored fixes it contains, which suppose to resolve many of the issues introduced by the iPhone firmware 2.0. I was eager to be able to upgrade my iPhone (1st generation). Unfortunately, my iPhone was jailbroken and unlocked, so I had to wait […]