OS 10.5.7 is Safe for iPhone 3G

Pwnage Tool logoApple released the new OS X update 10.5.7 on Tuesday evening (US PST). When it was released most users with unlocked iPhone 3G were worry that the latest OS X update will further hamper their Mac’s ability to place the iPhone into DFU mode.

Now the iPhone Dev Team has tweeted yesterday that OS 10.5.7 is even more compatible to the jailbreak process than OS 10.5.6, which disabled the DFU mode.

The new 10.5.7 Leopard update is safe. In fact it’s more jailbreak-friendly than 10.5.6, since the DFU-mode bug is gone.

So I now recommend everyone to upgrade your Mac OS 10.5 as soon as possible, as there are many security fixes in OS 10.5.7, including a Safari 4 Beta security update that you only see after upgrading to OS 10.5.7.

iPhone Officially in China

… Well not quite.

AppleInsider reported that:

…China Unicom has tentatively reached an agreement and could start selling iPhones as early as May…

Since China Unicom’s 3G network is a WCDMA standard unlike China Mobile’s TD-SCDMA standard, the current iPhone 3G sold worldwide will not require modifications to be sold in China.

If this report is true, then I would recommend anyone in Hong Kong considering selling their iPhone (1st generation), to do so as soon as possible. As the used market for iPhone are mainly in China, most if not all iPhone collected in Hong Kong are brought into mainland China and sold at a high margin.

iPhone 3G Everywhere in Hong Kong

iPhone 3G imageI spent some time speaking to a Premium Reseller in Hong Kong about the iPhone 3G today.

Since the beginning of February Apple Resellers in Hong Kong are allow to sell the iPhone 3G without a carrier contract, and most importantly, like all legitimate iPhone 3G sold in HK, also officially unlocked by Apple. Most of them are selling the models (8GB an 16GB) of the iPhone 3G at Apple HK’s SRP of HKD5400.00 and HKD6200.00 respectively.

Although because of the profit margins Apple is offering it’s resellers, some resellers have insisted on adding a 3rd party case with each iPhone 3G sold, to enable then to sell the iPhone for an additional HKD100.00.

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7 Things You Love to Ask About iPhone Unlocking

Pwnage Tool logoOver the past year and a half I had assisted many people with the unlocking of their iPhones. Many more people ask me about unlocking.

So instead of answering each of these people over and over again, I thought I post an article in my blog, which I can refer them to for more details.

  1. What Does iPhone Unlock mean?
    Many carriers around the world will “carrier lock” a cell phone that they had subsidized for their customers. To ensure the purchaser of the cell phone stays as a customer of the carrier after the purchase, the carrier will normally do two things:

    • Make the purchaser commit to a contract that bounds them to the carrier for a number of years (2 years is common). Of course the purchaser can break the contract, but there is usually a penalty to compensate the carrier for the subsidizing the cell phone.
    • Carrier Lock the cell phone to the carrier’s network, meaning the cell phone cannot be used on any other cellular network in the world.
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Video of iPhone 3G Unlock

Member of the iPhoneDev Team, MuscleNerd, posted a video of him unlocking the iPhone 3G from his Mac.

The layman version is expected to be release on New Year’s Eve 2008.

Fortunately, people who lives in Hong Kong, Belgium and Taiwan do not need this unlocking method, as those iPhone 3G sold are already officially carrier (SIM) unlocked straight from Apple.

iPhone 3G Officially Available Unlocked in Hong Kong… Good News?

Apple HK made the iPhone 3G available to everyone with a HK shipping address via Apple Hong Kong’s online store.

This made Hong Kong the hub (and “source”) of iPhone 3G that are free from the shackle of the money hungry, backward thinking mobile carriers. As of the writing of this post Apple Hong Kong’s online store shows a 24 hours delivery time and free shipping. I am certain when news spread of this availability, the inventory will go quickly.

I was always against the idea of having to commit to Three HK for a 2-year contract just to gain the privilege of purchasing an Apple iPhone 3G. Now I have less of a barrier to bring this great device to the mobile carrier of my choice (“Smartone-Vodafone”).

Ah… my first generation iPhone worth even less now. Them are the breaks, especially with technology devices.

Is this move by Apple a sign of things to come for other (47) iPhone selling countries? Is this Apple’s way of changing their strategy to put as many iPhones in the hands of consumers as possible? This has always been one of the pain points of critics.

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Comment on: Swedish Engineers Test iPhone 3G’s Antenna

Today I ready the following report from iPhone Hacks…

Some analysts have reported that the problem is with the Infineon chip that Apple has used in iPhone 3G, while there are others who believe that the issue is with the carriers such as AT&T who has a relatively young 3G network…

… They concluded that the results were completely normal…

… A difference of 4 to 6 dB could have indicated that there is a something wrong.

Read the full story.

I think the critics need to be a little bit less harsh on Apple on this whole iPhone 3G reception thing.

Yes, the reported iPhone 3G reception issue is not restricted to the USA, iPhone 3G users in Australia also have similar issues.

The thing is that both these countries do not have mature 3G cellular network cities, let alone national coverage.

Here in Hong Kong, all 5 cellular carriers: CSL, PCCW, Three, Smartone-Vodafone, People, have 3G network coverage for over 5 years.

You should see the number of cellular antennas here in the city, much smaller than most Australian and American cities.

It is expected to receive perfect cellular coverage within office buildings, malls and subway trains.

I personally have not use the iPhone 3G, because I am very happy with my “2G” iPhone (unlocked and jailbroken). I also had not heard of anyone I know who owns an iPhone 3G in Hong Kong complains about receptions either.

It is good that Apple tries to take responsibilities on the ultimate user experience of iPhone 3G owners, but the carriers (especially the less mature 3G operators) need too also.

PS: carriers in India is selling the iPhone 3G at very high prices even when compared to the rest of Asia, and they don’t even have a functional 3G network.

Apple’s iPhone New Business Model

With the announcement of the iPhone 3G by Apple on Monday (Tuesday HK time), Apple apparently change its business model with the carriers around the world. I say apparent because Apple has been some what vague about the details.

AT&T has said that customers will be able to upgrade their existing Apple iPhone to the new Apple iPhone 3G without incurring any penalties (fees) for breaking their existing contracts, but they will have to start a new 2-years contract.

AT&T reports that the new Apple iPhone 3G is only available at Apple Store and AT&T outlets. Most importantly, they also state that these new iPhones will have to be activated on the spot on the AT&T network with a sign 2-years contract.

Apple’s mobile carrier partner in United Kingdom, O2 said that they will be giving away the iPhone 3G on their high-end tariff plans, as described in their iPhone 3G Service Information.

O2 iPhone 3G Tariff Plans

As of this writing there are still no information from Hong Kong’s “3” on tariff plans available for the Apple iPhone 3G. I suppose it will be something similar to what AT&T and O2 had announced.

I will be checking often to see if I can share this information here before July 11th.