Movie Review: Shaolin (2011)


My Rating: 3Stars

This afternoon I saw the movie Shaolin at UA Cinemas, Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. One of the movies from my Must See Movies list.

A very intriguing movie that is exciting right off at the start. It stars 3 of Hong Kong’s most famous male stars: Andy Lau, Jackie Chan and Nicholas Tse. Although it is an action film Jackie Chan is not the main characters in this movie. Instead Lau and Tse who play martial arts (kung foo) experts took the roles. Of course most of their action sequences were done by stunt men, but were still fairly believable.

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Facebook and Renren in China

Late last year Mark Zuckerberg, founder and owner of Facebook, paid a visit to several companies in China. In particularly Zuckerberg visited Sina and met with CEO Charles Chao, had discussion with Alibaba and Taobao. He also had lunch with Baidu’s CEO Robin Li, of whom Zuckerberg have known for a long time.

The one China social giant that Zuckerberg did not meet was the team at the Beijing based Renren (人人网). As of this writing Renren is the largest social network in China with over 100 million users. Could this omission be because Renren copies Facebook too much?

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Working With iTunes

Over the past several years many have told me they are confused with iTunes; most of them are non-Macintosh users. So I decide to write this post in hope of giving, the many whom I have yet to speak to about this topic, some guidance.

To understand how to work with iTunes you will first need to understand the terminologies associate with iTunes.


The music management application installed on your computer is called “iTunes“. Within the application you have access to the “iTunes Store“, where you can purchase apps for iOS devices, and depending on the country you live in, you may be able to purchase music tracks, rent or purchase movies and TV shows.

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A New Look in Hong Kong Fashion

A pair of fellow Hong Kong bloggers, @HKFashionGeek and HKShoeGeek (@cko01), focus on the latest fashion scene, special offers, pre-sales and new releases in Hong Kong with their site HKFashionGeek, just got a minor face lift with a new logo.

Please help me congratulates HKFashionGeek and HKShoeGeek on their new look.

Along with a new logo, they also launched their first ever offline event. Checkout the details on their Hong Kong Fashion Geek Photo Hunt to win great prices.

The First eNewspaper Custom Designed for the iPad

Ever since the release of the iPad in April 2010, newspaper publishers have been eyeing it as a platform to deliver their respective content on.

Rupert Murdoch’s project The Daily will most likely becomes the first newspaper custom designed and created only for the iPad platform on “rumored” January 19th. Most information about The Daily are from the grapevine without direct confirmation from News Corp..

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How is Verizon iPhone 4 Significant Outside of USA?

Or is it?

This morning as anticipated for the past 3 years, Verizon (USA) announced the availability of the iPhone 4 on their network. They will begin pre-ordering for existing Verizon customers on February 3rd and the phones are available for pickup on February 10th.

There are only three differences between the iPhone 4 (CDMA) announced by Verizon (a mobile carrier in the US) and the previous model of iPhone 4 (GSM)

  • Supports CDMA EV-DO Rev. A (800, 1900 MHz).
  • Mobile hotspot capability like the MiFi.
  • A change in the slit at the top of the GSM iPhone 4 has been move to a slits on the left side.

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Apple Hong Kong’s Chinese New Year ’11 One Day Deal

In the past Apple online store had held one day sales event for “Black Friday” (aka “Boxing Day”, the day after Christmas). Usually any other times Apple products are rarely discounted; unless it is through the Corporate or Education sites or refurbished items.

So it is a bit surprising to receive a Sale event announcement from Apple Hong Kong this morning. Let along a one day sale event from Apple HK. The email announcement detailed their first ever Chinese New Year 2011 one day sale event to be held on Friday, January 14th in their online store.

There are currently no additional details about the deals, discounts or products included in the one-day-sale event. Visiting the page on Apple HK online store right now, one will see a message asking visitors to return on Friday for details.