iPad is Now Available Through Apple HK Store Online

An hour ago Apple released “speed bumps” versions of the iMac and Mac Pro, a new accessory Apple calls “Magic Trackpad“, but the most important change is what Apple HK store online did. The highly sort after iPad are now available for purchase.

Since Apple is currently listing 7 – 10 business days for delivery. So if anyone recently; the past 3 days, place their names on wait lists at Apple authorized resellers in Hong Kong, and if you had placed deposit. I suggest you get your deposit back and place your order through Apple HK store online.

4 Replies to “iPad is Now Available Through Apple HK Store Online”

  1. Apparently they meant 7-10 days for shipment and another 7-10 days for delivery. I just ordered mine through Apple's online store, and their email confirmation stated a 'shipment date' of 10/8/10 and a delivery date of 17/8/10.

  2. Yes. I found out just by accident. I was checking out a buying guide for the next upgrade of the iMac and lo behold, it was marked as just updated. I go to the Apple store and I also notice that the iPad can be bought directly. So subscribing for updates via the Apple website was useless then, as was the Apple store online rep that I spoke to on Friday who had no idea when they were going to start selling it themselves. A bit of a fiasco if you ask me.

  3. Apple are normally very secretive about plans. Even if the Apple store online representative you spoke to knew that Apple will be selling the iPad online on Tuesday, they are restricted from telling anyone until it is affective.

  4. Noted. One thing I would have liked to have known beforehand is that they wouldn't be selling it themselves at launch, and I see that signing up to be 'notified' didn't help – I've hadn't nothing from Apple themselves

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