Twitter BUYS Tweetie

The very popular iPhone app, Tweetie by Atebits (the Loren Brichter’s company) has been purchased by Twitter, the service it’s a client for.

Twitter decided to buy instead of recreate its own mobile client, so it settled on Tweetie. It rename the app to “Twitter for iPhone” and then make it free in the iTunes App Store.

Loren Brichter will join Twitter as a key member of their mobile team.

This has been confirmed by Evan William, one of the founder of Twitter, on their blog.

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Farmville Sending Users Away from Facebook

Today I noticed the above message when trying to load the Farmville application within Facebook.

Several weeks back the creator of Farmville, Zynga launched At first I was surprised to see Zynga makes such a move; as if it is biting off the hand that feeds it. Then I looked at the reported 11 million users that plays Farmville every day, I realize Farmville is actually growing up and venturing off away from home.

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