Google’s 3D Street View

Could this be a new feature of Google Map’s Street View? I do not have a pAir of 3D glasses so I cannot confirm it.

Hold on a second, isn’t today April 1st? You be the judge.

iPad’s Target Audiences

Even before Apple makes its announcement of the iPad, critics and analysts had guesstimated what the device will do. They came up with terms like “netbook killer” and “Kindle killer” for the iPad. When Apple finally made its announcement on Jan. 28th these same people started criticizing Apple for not living up to their expectations.

Is this fair?

No other company in the world can generate these kind of up roar, passion and expectations, for a product where the company in question never commented about prior to the Jan. 28th announcement. So without pre-announcing what the device will do how can Apple fails to meet these critics’ expectations?

I believe with the release of the iPad, Apple had finally brought its long philosophy, for the past 24 years, of “allowing the user’s to focus on the task at hand” to its true fruition. This is one of the reasons why the iPad is revolutionize. Apple has also the benefit of many different group of audiences who will be interested in using the iPad.

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