Google Street View for Hong Kong Now Live

The long awaited Google Street View feature within Google Maps is finally available in Hong Kong. This feature had been available in USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Taiwan and many other countries for years. Taiwan only received this capability last year (September 2009).

Over a year ago others in Hong Kong and myself reported seeing the Google Street View vehicle (Toyota Prius) capturing images all around Hong Kong. With the Street View feature enabled, users of Google Maps can check out their desire spots in Hong Kong before they actually visit the locations. This is particularly useful for tourist and other visitors who are not familiar with places in Hong Kong. This feature will also be useful to Hong Kong natives, as many locals rarely visit areas outside of their homes and work districts.

Below you will see the one instance where I was following the Google Street View Prius East bound down Wanchai Road on my way to work one morning; I’m the one in my dark Audi A3 in Lane 2. Cool eh? I guess I will at least retain this Google Street View fame for the next 3 years.

It is rumored that 3 years is how long Google takes to refresh the Street View images in Google Maps. I suppose that’s pretty quick, given it was just over a year ago that Google began taking images of Hong Kong streets.

BTW: I my dark metallic grey 2006 Audi A3 Sportback 3.2 with only 28,000km on the odometer is for sale. Please contact me directly if interested.

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