Twestival 2010 Around the World

Starting at 16:00 (GMT+0800, aka HK time) close to 200 cities around the world will began their local Twestival.

This year the event is to raise money for Concern Worldwide in support of their efforts with educating children around the world.

If you cannot make it to the event in Hong Kong at 19:00 (GMT+0800) Staunton’s Wine Bar & Cafe or at your local city, please make your donations via PayPal using the FLASH widget on the home page of the Twestival Hong Kong site.

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Kindle for Mac NOW Available

Just now Amazon quietly launched the Kindle for Mac.

The new applicaiton is a very basic that fucntions exactly what you expects a Kindle application on the Mac does. It downloads your purchased Kindle books from Amazon, so you can read them on your Mac. The application also use Whispersync to synchronize the spot in the book where you left off when you last read the book. The functionality is not that much different than the Kindle for iPhone app. The only major addition is the Mac version’s ability to resize the screen displaying the book.

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It appears that the features that Twitter staff had hinted about is appearing on the web site slowly.

I noticed now you can row your cursor over someone’s @reply reference, a tip box showing the individual’s profile will appear.

There is also a “more” link where you can expand the individual’s profile information to review his biography, number of tweets, followers and following.

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Twestival Hong Kong on March 25, 2010

On March 25 a group of Twitter users will join over 200 cities/countries around the world for Twestival. An excuse to get together and network in person with all the people you have exchanged tweets with over the years. While at the same time have chance to win great prices and raise money for Concern Worldwide.

Thanks to Staunton’s Group, this year’s Hong Kong event will be held at Staunton’s Wine Bar & Cafe.

By the way there will be small quantities of the limited edition G.O.D. designed and sponsored t-shirts available at the door. So remember to get there early to ensure you get one.

Tickets are available online or at the door of Staunton’s Wine Bar & Cafe on the night.

See you all there.

Should non-US Residence Pre-order iPad WiFi+3G?

Apple began taking pre-orders for their iPad today via their USA online store for delivery to US addresses or in-store pickup.

There are two ways to reserve your iPad for the April 3, 2010 launch date, you can pre-order it and have it delivered to your US address, or you can reserve one for in-store pick up at one of Apple’s US retail store. In either case, Apple limits the iPad pre-order to 2 units per customer. I guess this limitation is to warn off grey market sellers, ensure enough early adopters get their iPad’s, and less likely is the rumor that supplies of iPad will be low on launch day April 3rd (in USA).

There are two specific lines of iPad’s, one with WiFi only connection and another with both WiFi and 3G connections. Which one you buy really depends on how you plan to use the iPad. The great thing about the iPad is that its use will depend on the user and the apps s/he choose to install onto the iPad. People have to stop slotting the iPad into any existing electronic device categories. It is definitely not a “tablet computer” in the traditional definition or a “notebook” or “netbook” computer, so comparing it to any of these are like comparing apples (sorry for the pun) and oranges.

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Google Street View for Hong Kong Now Live

The long awaited Google Street View feature within Google Maps is finally available in Hong Kong. This feature had been available in USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Taiwan and many other countries for years. Taiwan only received this capability last year (September 2009).

Over a year ago others in Hong Kong and myself reported seeing the Google Street View vehicle (Toyota Prius) capturing images all around Hong Kong. With the Street View feature enabled, users of Google Maps can check out their desire spots in Hong Kong before they actually visit the locations. This is particularly useful for tourist and other visitors who are not familiar with places in Hong Kong. This feature will also be useful to Hong Kong natives, as many locals rarely visit areas outside of their homes and work districts.

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Foursquare 1.7 for iPhone Available NOW

The much talked about new version of Foursquare for iPhone 1.6 was accidentally made available in the Apple iTunes App Store over the weekend and then pulled immediately, with Foursquare saying that their system was not ready. As a result all versions of Foursquare for iPhone were removed from the App Store until Tuesday when they re-released the previous versions as v1.6.1, which is higher than the version that was released on the weekend.

This morning (HK time) Foursquare again relaunched the new version as v1.7. Below are the side by side comparisons of what’s different between the old and new versions, looking at the revised UI designs.

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