Getting Google Voice Working Outside of USA

gooogle-voice-logoI had Google Voice for almost a month now. I was so excited to receive the Google Voice invite, as I had been wanting to get an account ever since GrandCentral days; the company and service that Google purchased and rebranded it into Google Voice.

For those who does not know, Google Voice is a service where Google assigns you an unique USA telephone number. Then whenever you receive a call at your Google Voice number, you can set up the service to ring any (US) telephone numbers you have. It also enables screening and grouping of these callers so that certain individuals can be directed to voice mail or a specific telephone number.

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Barcamp Hong Kong 2009

Barcamp Hong Kong 2009 is now accepting registration.

Please add the hashtag #barcamphk for any conversations relating to the event on Twitter or other social networks. The tag “barcamphk” should be added to any photos relating to BarcampHK on Flickr, and they can be added to the Flickr group BarcampHK