Movie Review: The Beast Stalker


My Rating: 5Stars

This evening I saw the movie The Beast Stalker at UA Cinema, TimeSquare, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Another late addition to my Must See Movies list.

This was only my second movie (on the big screen) in over 3 weeks. Those who knows me will find this extremely unusual, as some of them say I watch almost anything. Although I disagree, but I used to watch on average 2 – 3 movies a week. That was before I returned to Hong Kong over 10 years ago, now one movie a week was typical. The reason for this recent hiatus was quite simple, I found there were nothing interesting enough to watch.

Until I came across a review of this movie in HK Magazine (Friday, Nov. 28, 2008 issue), which gave it high praises. It had been years since I last watched a Hong Kong made movie and there is really nothing American to watch at the theaters, I decided to give it a try.

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Ridiculous Hong Kong Government Decision

Just read in HK Magazine (Nov. 28, 2008 issue) that Hong Kong Customs officers from inspector to assistant commissioner levels can travel to vineyards in France for wine tasting. These are suppose to be working trips to educate them on wine, so they can tell the difference between real and fake wines. All these trips are funded using public money.

That is absolutely outrageous, even if we are not in a global financial crisis. On one hand the government wants to raise salaries of government workers 3%. While they make spending decisions like the one with HK customs.

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