Bringing Mobile Broadcast TV to the iPhone

PV’s (PacketVideo) Telly pocket device brings broadcast TV services into the hands of new subscribers and current users with WiFi-enabled devices that does not support the service provider’s Mobile Broadcast TV.

This device is suppose to support the world’s Mobile TV Broadcast standards: DVB-H and MediaFLO. Both of which I believe are used by Hong Kong mobile phone carriers.

Since PV is not selling this device to consumers but only to OEMs and ODMs. I wish my chosen mobile carrier, Smartone-Vodafone, will hear this call and adopts PV’s device instead of forcing their customers to purchase a specific mobile phone. At the moment the list of supported mobile phone are short and 2nd generation.

Although the problem may be with the DRM that the carriers wants to impose on the content rather than choosing the correct device for the consumer.

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