Great Music Find

I was listening to the latest MacCast podcast, and normally I would skip the Podcast Safe music that Adam plays at the end, but this time I was busy with something else.

To my surprise, the song that Adam chose, “Overboard” by Shannon Hurley, from her new album “Ready to Wake Up” (to be released November 5, 2007) was amazing.

I began my search for the song on iTunes USA Store, but could not find it. So I contacted the artist on her MySpace page.

To my amazement Shannon answered me right away and told me that currently the only place to find the song is on AmieStreet.

Of course I quickly purchased it while it was still at a low price. For those who do not know about AmieStreet, it is a great place to find DRM free music at as low as USD0.00 up to USD0.98 per song.

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Movie Review: Resident Evil – Extinction


My Rating: 4Stars

This evening I saw the movie “ Resident Evil – Extinction ” at UA Cinema, Windsor House, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Again this is another 3rd-movie in a series. May be because of that I did not have much expectation for the movie. Nor did I see the 2nd movie in the series.

Even so, I did enjoy this movie. I may have enjoy it even more if I had some plot background from the 2nd movie. They did try to compensate by providing just enough background for non-fans of the series and for anyone who may have forgotten how the 2nd movie left the story.

The special effects in the movie were quite good and borderline believable, except may be for some of the abilities of the main character (“Alice” played by the beautiful “Milla Jovovich“).

In most movie series, “3” is always the magic number in which the playwrights and directors finishes the movie; the most famous exception being the “Star Wars” sequels. This is because after 3 movies of the same theme, the audiences are usually tired of the plot and will not return for a 4th or more sequel. The playwrights here did leave themselves a way to have a 4th sequel if necessary. I guess it will most likely depends on the worldwide box office performance of this latest sequel.

For fans of the Resident Evil franchise, the typical brutal zombies kills are littered throughout the movie. Ensuring the fans are satisfied. It is definitely not a movie that I would allow young children to watch. Although, some of the video games they play now a days have even more realistic and gruesome scenes.

There is also the expected plot of good against evil and good prevailing against all odds.

As long as you go into this movie with the expectations of realistic vivid kill scenes and general entertainment, you will enjoy this movie. But do not attempt to seek too deep of a plot. Otherwise you will be disappointed.

Rating Legend:
5Stars Not to be missed
4Stars Wait for the DVD
3Stars Buy from iTunes Store
2Stars Rent it if you can
1Stars Waste your time elsewhere

Problem with Mozy [October 4 Update]

Mozy Logo

After 5 months of testing, back and forth with Mozy support and eventually being assigned a Mozy Macintosh developer to resolve my issues encountered I was finally able to backup my selected files to the Mozy server automatically.

This was all accomplished with version of Mozy Client for Macintosh.

Today Mozy informs me that there is a new version ( (24503)). Strangely my Mozy client did not know there was a newer version, even though the Mozy Preference “Install updates automatically” was set. I guess and hope this is because Mozy Client for Macintosh is still in Beta. Continue reading “Problem with Mozy [October 4 Update]”

Smartone-Vodafone Really Doesn’t Know

Over the past 3 months in preparation of my eventual iPhone usage on the Smartone-Vodafone network, I began testing to see which is the best combination Smartone-Vodafone data plan to subscribe to.

Prior to August of this year I subscribed to Smartone-Vodafone’s “HKD118.00/month Data Plan”, which gave me 10MB of usage per month and a HKD15.00/MB thereafter. While using my Nokia E61i at the time I frequently exceeds my 10MB allocation for the plan. I also did not use the GPRS access freely due to the limit imposed by the plan. Continue reading “Smartone-Vodafone Really Doesn’t Know”