Problem with Mozy [August 22 Update]

Mozy Error Message

Today I received a reply from Moyz Support on my last report of problems with their Mozy for Mac version (1.0). This time it only took 3 days for them to reply.

The one thing different about this, is that during the past 3 days, someone from Mozy sent me an email saying that a specific Mozy Macintosh Technical Support representative (Ben) will follow up on my issues.

Unfortunately, as in the past their tech support gave, in my opinion, a very ridiculous solution for a backup software.

Thanks for sending us the log file. We have been seeing this with the latest version of the Mac Beta and are working to address it. For the most part it seems to be intermittent. You can still back your data up for the time being, it just wont be as convenient since you will just need to restart the backup when it happens or leave it on automatic so it re-attempts every 2 hours. The next release of the beta software will address this.

As most of you will agree, for a backup software, reliability is one of the most important thing to have, and if the user does not know if the back up is successful, or if whether it was actually done. These are not good traits for a backup software to have.

I immediately reply to the Mozy Support copying Mozy Mac Support ( and Ben.

I then received a reply from Ben, indicating that the new release coming out tomorrow will resolve my problem. I am eager to try and see if this next version will indeed resolve my problem.

As always more to come…

Please see my original article “Problem with Mozy” for background.

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