Problem with Mozy [July 17 Update]

Mozy Error Message

I finally have time to try Mozy again. So I installed it again, followed the setup and allowed it to run in the background. After Mozy ran for 2.5 hours an error dialog appeared with the following message:

Unable to connect to backup server (ConnectionError0)

The dialog has a hyperlink on the error message, when I clicked on it, it brought me to a web page on Mozy’s site telling me that this is a rare error and that I should send the following information to Mozy (

  1. The operating system you use (i.e. Windows XP)
  2. The version of Mozy you are using. (Right click on the orange “M” icon in the bottom right by the clock and click “status.” When that window opens you should see a version like
  3. Do you have any firewalls on your computer?
  4. Who is your Internet service provider?
  5. Do you have any anti-virus or spyware software?
  6. Which error code is displayed? (i.e. MozyClientError2, ConnectionError1)

Of course I again reported this to Mozy Technical support ( So now I just have to wait for Mozy to reply.

Please see my original article “Problem with Mozy” for background.

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