The Big To Do List

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What’s on your “do before I die” list?

Submitted by Caroline.

This is a question I had heard brought up many times, but has yet to think of an answer… until now.

I think I will list my top 10 “Do Before I Die” items in reverse priority (10 being the most desired):

  1. Go bungee jumping
  2. Go for a luxury African Safari
  3. Go skydiving
  4. Get my Level 4 sailing certification and then purchase and live on a sailboat
  5. Get certified for scuba diving (Rescue level)
  6. Get my private pilot license
  7. Get my motorcycle license and purchase a Harley Davidson
  8. Go alpine skiing in the Swiss Alps
  9. Visit Mount Everest (again)
  10. Obit around the Earth either on a spacecraft or space station

I figure I have just a little less than 20 years to accomplish all this. Not that I expect to live another 20 more years. It is just that many of these items have ages limitations.

Puff Puff in My Face

Everywhere I go in the past few weeks I find myself walking into walls of smoke.

Today being the third day in Hong Kong’s smoking ban, and the air quality on the streets of Hong Kong appear to have worsen.

May be it is because there are more smokers that are now force to smoke outside, polluting the air we, non-smokers, breath more than it already is.

Has this smoking ban been implemented correctly? Unlike many other countries and cities that imposed similar laws, Hong Kong is much more populated and polluted than other cities. Should the government extend the ban to public streets? Since the ground pollution on majority of the streets of Hong Kong are already very bad.