Movie Review: Miami Vice

My Rating: 1Star

This afternoon I went to see the movie “Miami Vice” at JP Cinema, Causeway Bay.

One simple word “BAD”.

I must say this is one of the worst if not the worst movie I’ve seen this past 3 years.

I appears to me that they tried really hard to reproduce the 80’s TV series “Miami Vice“, which they should never had done. They should have try to produce a movie simply called “Miami Vice” about vice cops in Miami with the typical modern police story flare. At least that would have been much better than what was done.

Although in Hong Kong’s perspective, this is a foreign movie, but never thought that I would feel that way in the theater watching it. Through out the movie, there were many scenes I had not idea what the character were saying. I had to glance at the Chinese subtitles to try to figure out what I had missed. This is from a guy who does not really read Chinese.

For some reason most of the characters in the movie were mumbling their lines.

It was not long ago that I gave a movie 5 penguins, but it had been quite some time since I given any movie 1 penguin. That’s because in this case I do not have a rating that is lower.

Rating Legend:
5Stars Not to be missed
4Stars Wait for the DVD
3Stars Buy from iTunes Store
2Stars Rent it if you can
1Stars Waste your time elsewhere

Zune gets Social

Microsoft’s new Zune player is suppose to have community features. Not very unlike what I had described in my Blog, “The Next iPod“, on July 23, 2005.

Here is what I imagine the future can be if Apple implements what I suggested above.

  1. Your friend who wants to know what you’re listening to on your iPod or wants to share the music you have on your iPod. Will simply turn on the wireless connection s/he has on his own iPod, then using the built in “Bonjour” feature like that in iTunes, your friend will be able to locate your iPod and see the set of playlists you publish for others to view. S/he will be able either listen to the song you’re listening to or just choose among the songs you have published in the form of Playlists.
  2. With built in Bluetooth enabled on your iPod, your friend whom you want to share your headphone with, will just have to pair his/her bluetooth headset to your iPod and s/he will be able to listen to the song or audio track you’re listening to.

Where I layed out a very similar social community feature that Apple should add to their MP3 player. Is Microsoft reading my Blog?

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