My Comments on Steve Jobs’ Keynote at WWDC’06


Just finished reading the Live coverage of Steve Jobs’ keynote at the Apple 2006 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC’06) in San Francisco.

There are so many new features in the new Mac OS X (code name “Leopard”), it will be even more exciting to be using a Mac starting in 2007.

Two of the features I definitely will use are “Time Machine” and “Spaces”. For the former, I had been trying to find a backup software that does incremental backups on my Macintel. I had been using Carbon Copy Cloner, but its incremental backup (synchronization) feature is broken on Macintels. Now with “Time Machine” built into the up coming Mac OS X, there will not be any more excuse for people to not have a back up of their Macs.

As for the latter, “Spaces”, I also currently use an application, VirtueDesktops, that does similar thing. But Apple’s Spaces is much more featured and some of which I will definitely be able to take advantage of, that is not currently available in VirtueDesktops.

So check out the various sites with coverage of the keynote and start salivating for the next Mac OS X this coming Spring.

Unusual Behaviour

This afternoon I was sitting at a McDonald’s restaurant in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, having my Big Mac™. All of a sudden a young kid, about 6 years old, came to my table, without saying anything, he just took a french fried and begin eating it. To say the least I was very surprise.

I am even more surprise that it was a local Chinese boy who did this. As my readers may know, I had always had the impression that local Hong Kong people are shy and not talkative. The action of this young boy is totally out of character for the typical Hong Kong children.

Don’t get me wrong, I think this sort of openness is a good thing. Although, I thihnk the boy may not have simply took the french fried and started eating it. May be he should have asked.

On the other hand, I don’t think young children, for that matter adult, should be eating things given by strangers.

What this incident actually points out may be the lack of education and teachings Hong Kong parents have on their children now a days.

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