Interesting Incident At McD’s

I was at a McDonald’s restaurant earlier this afternoon as most of you know; if you read my previous entry.

I was standing behind two young kids at the counter making their selections for their Happy Meal toy. These two were just about 7 or 8 years old and they ordered one Happy Meal between the two of them.

McD’s Staff: gave the kids four choices of toys.

Little Boy: could not decide on the toy and looked to the little girl to make the choice.

Little Girl: point to a toy and the LB made the selection.

MS: announced the total to the kids.

LG: took out a $20.00 bill to pay for the meal.

MS: are you the older sister? Since he ordered and you paid.

LG: shook her head

I then comment from behind the two kids and said, “she is the girlfriend”. The McD’s staff replied, “Really?”, then he realized I was not with the kids and that I was just joking.

Should Have Better Customer Service

In the typical marketing tactics of McDonald’s restaurant, they are having a World Cup 2006 promotion.

For those of you who may not know, World Cup 2006 is the international soccer match held every 4 years. This year it is being held in Germany.

The McDonald’s promotion involve them giving away World Cup 2006 team cards for every HKD17.00 their customers spend per visit. Each on of these cards represent one of the teams who are competing in the World Cup. If one of these teams win their game, every customer holding the winning team card are eligible to get a free food item with the purchase of their “Fantastic Value Meal” (aka. Rice Burgers), which cost HKD22.00. So you see that McDonald’s wins.

Most people who like soccer will want to collect the team card for their favorite team, causing them to keep purchasing HKD17.00 meals.

Not that I want to collect these cards or even like the Fantastic Value Meals, but I found it poor customer service today to find that the McDonald’s restaurant that I went to today did not have any of the cards left. They did not even have a sign at the counter or at the door letting people know before they purchase their meal.