Are You a “Kidult”?

There is now a new term being coined and it is “Kidult”.

If you are in your 30s, young at heart and enjoys the activities that a child normally would then you are a “Kidult”.

These activities include collecting and playing with matchbox cars, collecting cartoon characters like Gundam and playing war games.

I admit I am a “Kidult”. Unfortunately, I have not indulge in my hobbies for over two years now.

All I can say is don’t do what I did and be a proud Kidult and enjoy life.

Window Dressing

DSC00062 DSC00061

It is about time that Hong Kong advertiser; or to be more exact window dressers, come up with some original ideas.

It is rare that any retail stores in Hong Kong takes the time to create a window display that is original, attractive and able to draw the passer-by into the store or at least stop and look.

This particular retailer used the pictured window display to set up two XBox game station for visitors to try a racing game that contains ads of the products that the store carries.