Movie Review: XXX – State of the Union


My Rating: 3Stars

Tonight I went to see the movie “XXX: State of the Union” at Broadway Cinema, Olympian Plaza.

Well what can I say? One can never expects too much for sequels. This version of the XXX series is no acception. In the past I had complimented the execptional story line and overall directions of “great” sequels, but this definitely does not fall into that category unlike: “Ocean’s Twelve“, “Meet the Fockers” and “Bourne Supremacy“.

May be it has to do with the cast of the movie. The one real veteran of the movie “Samuel L. Jackson” did not have that many scenes where as, correctly so, the lead of the movie, “Ice Cube“, dominated most of the scenes.

I know “Ice Cube” already had many movies (23) under his belt (including the 2 that are announced), but in my opinion this singer/stage performer turned actor still have much to learn before he becomes the likes of “Robert De Niro” and “Tom Hanks“.

So, this is definitely a must have for those who collects Action movie DVDs or VCDs, but I don’t think you need to spend the money for the movie theater experience.

Rating Legend:
5Stars Not to be missed
4Stars Wait for the DVD
3Stars Buy from iTunes Store
2Stars Rent it on iTunes
1Stars Waste your time elsewhere